Take the pressure off yourself and have your products installed by our professional team of service engineers at the time of delivery.

We have a team of certified electricians, plumbers and builders in the Auckland and Wellington region that will install your products so you're ready to start using them right away! We'll even remove your old appliances and recycle them for you.


What installation includes

  • Mounting/hanging your appliance to existing cabinetry/walls
  • Connecting your appliance to existing electrical, plumbing services and ducting if applicable
  • Hard wiring of built in appliances eg ovens, cooktops
  • Connection of supplied high amperage plugs on freestanding ovens, 10 amp plugs for rangehoods to connection to existing wall sockets.


What installation doesn't include

  • Running power, gas, water and/or ducting through the walls or cabinetry to the installation site
  • Alterations to cabinetry, eg, cut out sizes in bench tops for appliances
  • The installation of Gas appliances.  These must be installed by a Certified Gas Installer.


In the unlikely event that our installer arrives at your place and additional work is required, eg, the existing pipes are inadeguate to supply the appliance you have chosen, an additional quote will be provided to complete the installation, which you can choose to accept or decline.

Please note, the base rate for installation covers the call out fee for our technician so is non-refundable.


If you are unsure if your requirements are covered by our standard installation, please contact us with a description of the situation and we'll let you know what we can do.