14951 Robinhood 60cm Charcoal Filter for RO61SS/WH/80

14951 Robinhood 60cm Charcoal Filter for RO61SS/WH/80

Price is for one filter - 508 x 172mm Charcoal Filter

For Models RO6, RO61, RO680 RO6180, RT6, RT61 RV6, RV61

Rangehoods fitted with charcoal filters are designed to remove grease and odours from cooking vapours prior to the cleansed air re-entering the kitchen (necessary when the rangehood is in recirculation mode). 
Charcoal filters should be replaced every two to four months depending on use or if any visible signs of damage. Note: Fully saturated charcoal filters can become a barrier to air movement therefore limiting rangehood performance. In the event of fire, grease laden filters could be flammable and therefore regular replacement is recommended. In ducted installations, conventional aluminium filters are recommended.


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