Award 78cm Frameless 6 Zone Flexizone Induction Hob w Soft Touch Controls (H804)

SALE Award 78cm Frameless 6 Zone Flexizone Induction Hob w Soft Touch Controls  (H804)

Induction Cooking - Made in France
New from Award, the very latest generation of induction cooking technology. These ‘High-Power’ hobs combine the many advantages of induction with exceptional speed, to bring you both simplicity and unmatched control for your culinary adventures. Because the induction current generated by the hob works directly on the base of your cookware, you will enjoy rapid heating from an appliance that is 90% energy efficient (compared to gas cooking for example at approximately 50% efficiency). Not only will you enjoy the speed, but the easy touch controls allow you to regulate the cooking effortlessly, and when it comes to cleaning you have but one smooth surface to wipe over. And a wipe is all it is, due to the fact that induction produces no direct heat on the glass surface as with conventional electric hobs, which bake spills and splatters rock hard on the surface of your appliance. 

Powerful and attractive, this ergonomically designed Induction cooktop will make a great addition to any kitchen. Perfect for those needing to fit the best product into the smallest space. Full Instruction Manual can be provided. Ask one of our friendly staff to send you one today! 


  • Black


  • Bevelled Glass/Frameless 
  • Six rectangular 180 x 220mm - 3700w zones with double boosters fitted
  • Soft touch slider controls with ‘Auto-Activation’ 
  • Auto timer available on all zones 
  • Child lock
  • Auto pan detection
  • Over-Heat and Spill-Over stop protection
  • Automatic detection of pan activates relevant control


  • ‘Bridge function’ where either both right hand, centre  or left hand zones can be joined & operated as one  large zone
  • Stop & Go Functions
  • Melting Function
  • Keeping Warm Function
  • Simmering Function
  • Pause &‘Recall Functions 
  • 3 x auto temperatures: 42°C, 70°C & 94°C – 

** All Induction Hobs have very specific airflow requirements to protect from over heating. Please refer to the instruction manual for details.


  • Hob: 11100watt


  • Width: 780.00 mm
  • Depth: 520.00 mm
  • Height:  48.00 mm

Cut-Out Size

  • Width: 750.00 mm
  • Depth: 490.00 mm

    Glass Size

    • Width: 780.00 mm
    • Depth: 520.00 mm
    • Thickness:    4 mm

    Cut Size of Flush Mounting

    • Width: 786.00 mm
    • Depth: 526.00 mm
    • Radius:     8.00 mm

    Installation & Instruction Manual:


    • 2 Years Parts and Labour (Domestic Use Only)


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