60cm Charcoal Filter 2 Pack by Robinhood (2534)

60cm Charcoal Filter 2 Pack by Robinhood (2534)

60cm Charcoal Filters for Robinhood Rangehoods - 363 x 286mm Charcoal Filter 2 Pack

For Models RA61SS, RA61WH, RA91SS (Requires 2 Packs), RCB2AH6SS, RCB2AH6WH. RCA2AI61SS, RCA2AI61WH, RCA2AI91SS (Requires 2 Packs)


Filter maintenance for recirculating rangehoods

  • If your rangehood recirculates air through a special charcoal filter, you will need to replace the filter regularly.
  • We recommend replacement every two to four months, depending on how much cooking you do.
  • Fully saturated charcoal filters can become a barrier to air movement and limit the performance of your rangehood; they can also be a fire danger when laden with grease.
  • You should also clean the area that becomes visible when you remove the filter. This is best done with spray-on cleaner and a sponge or paper towels. Always disconnect the power supply first.


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